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Portable Hydraulic Pole Puller HP2



Key Design Features

Pole Puller

* Lifting capacity of 28,000 at 1,000 psi

* Lifting capacity of 56,000 at 2,000 psi

* Smooth and continuous pulling action

* Compact design

32" compressed

48" extended

* Under 100 lbs

* Hard Chrome plated plunger

* All steel construction

* Simple design

* Low center of gravity

* Rugged design - original puller in use over 20 years.

* Convenient carry handle

* Instant Pulling Pressure

* Simple and Easy to Re-build

* Made and assembled in the U.S.A.

* Convient Carry Handle

Pole Puller


Carry Handle

Convenient Carry Handle

Pole Puller Chain Features

* 5/8" Non-slipping heavy duty choker chain

* Instant Pulling Pressure

* Special designed hook on chain for quick easy closure

* 7' long chain

* This chain is a special made chain for this application


* Chain Weight: 27lbs

Pole Puller chain

Pole Puller chain secure around utility pole.

Gripper chain

Chain secure to top of pole puller

Base Plate Designs

* Small Base Plate weight

* Large Base Plate weight

* Swivel base plate for non-binding action (standard in both sizes)

* Base plate enables more stability of the puller.

* Allows for the boom truck to do all the lifting of the puller/base plate.

* Makes the Pole Puller and base a one piece unit.

* Swivel base plate for non-binding action, yet fully attached to the pulling unit.

* Existing pole puller's will have an adapter kit avaliable to use this base.

* This pole puller is sold seperately.

* Contact us for more information on this base.


Complete Pole Puller

RT Base Plate

*****NEW RT BASE PLATE *****

Pole Puller Additional Options

* Special quick disconnects

* Hydraulic Hose assemblies

Special Requests always welcome


Pole Puller