Pole Puller

About Us

Anderson MFG has been a leader in the utility pole puller industry

for many years.With a proven puller, the design has not been needed to be

changed in over 20 years. Anderson MFG was the first to manufacture and

market a puller of this type. Inquire I will be happy to share with you the

original pattent information (Pole Puller now has posession of this).

As of February 1,2005 Anderson MFG closed it doors. As one

door closes another door opens, and Diane Sol acquired the company. With

the acquisition the name will be changed to Pole Puller. Pole Puller will

provide the same quality service that the current customers are accustom to.

We will proof test all of the units prior to shipping.

We will continue to have replacement parts for all machines. We

will also be offering a trade-in for new pullers, and or new improved parts.

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